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What is Comepulse?

Comepulse is a platform online for health provider, offering online consultation services and booking an appointment with your medical service provider, allowing consumers to get the medical services they need conveniently.


How do I connect to a doctor?

You can simply get connected to our doctor by going to our Comepulse App and choose your preferred service provider and mode of consultation.

您只需下载我们的 Comepulse 应用程序并选择您喜欢的服务提供商和咨询方式即可与我们的医生取得联系。

What is Comepulse’s Privacy Policies?

At Comepulse, your privacy and security are extremely important to us. We are committed to protect the confidentiality of your personal and restrict patient information to only authorised personnel and your doctor. This information is kept private, unless consent is granted by the patient. Click ‘here’ to read more about our Privacy Policy.


How is the diagnosis made without any physical observation being made?

Diagnoses are made by trained doctors and medical service provider through a series of questions resulting in a differential diagnosis. If a doctor or medical service provider feels he/she needs more information to provide a diagnosis, he/she will recommend a physical consultation. There are limitations to a diagnosis without a physical observation being made. Comepulse aims to supplement the patient-doctor relationship through teleconsultations, not to substitute it.

诊断由训练有素的医生和医疗服务提供者通过一系列问题做出,从而得出鉴别诊断。如果医生或医疗服务提供者觉得他/她需要更多信息来提供诊断,他/她会建议进行身体咨询。在没有进行物理观察的情况下,诊断是有局限性的。 Comepulse 旨在通过远程会诊来补充医患关系,而不是取而代之。

Does Comepulse have a physical clinic / pharmacy?

Comepulse operates solely as an online platform. We do not have a physical clinic/pharmacy, however, our service provider may have.

Comepulse 仅作为在线平台运营。我们没有实体诊所/药房,但是,我们的服务提供商可能有。

Does Comepulse provide emergency services?

We do not provide emergency services. Please visit your nearest hospital’s emergency department for urgent medical attention.


What are the payment methods available for Comepulse services?

We accept payment via Online Banking, Credit Card, e-Wallets (Boost, GrabPay) and QuinReward redemptions.

我们接受通过网上银行、信用卡、电子钱包(Boost、GrabPay)和 QuinReward 兑换付款。


Can I claim payment made to Comepulse from my insurance provider?

This depends on your subscribed policy with your insurance provider. Please check with your insurance representative.


My Phone number is used by another account

Please contact Comepulse customer support via email at [email protected] or call us at +6 011-2837 7223 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm).

请通过电子邮件 [email protected] 联系 Comepulse 客户支持或致电 +6 011-2837 7223(周一至周五:上午 9 点至下午 6 点)。

Verification Code (SMS) was not received.

Please ensure your phone number is entered correctly. If you are still facing difficulties, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at +6 011-2837 7223 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm).

请确保您的电话号码输入正确。如果您仍然面临困难,请通过电子邮件 [email protected] 与我们联系或致电 +6 011-2837 7223(周一至周五:上午 9 点至下午 6 点)。

What should I do if I would like to reschedule my appointment?

Once an appointment is confirmed, you still can reschedule it at any time.

  • Go to ‘Appointment’ tap at the bottom of your homepage
  • Beside your confirmed appointment there is [cancel] or [reschedule] button
  • Click [reschedule]
  • Choose the date and time you want and wait for doctor’s confirmation.


-在您确认的约会旁边有 [取消] 或 [重新安排] 按钮

How is the refund process?

Refund can be done at any time if cancellation of an appointment is made 3 hours before your appointment commencement time. Refund amount will be refunded into your Comepulse wallet, and you can use that amount to book another appointment with your preferred service provider.

No refund can be done within 3 hours to the appointment commencement time. However, you can choose to reschedule with the service provider.

如果在预约开始时间前 3 小时取消预约,则可以随时退款。退款金额将退还到您的 Comepulse 钱包中,您可以使用该金额与您首选的服务提供商再次预约。


What if my doctor cancels my appointment last minute?

You can either reschedule with your service provider or get refunded into your Comepulse wallet in order to book an appointment with another service provider.

您可以与您的服务提供商重新安排时间,也可以将退款存入您的 Comepulse 钱包,以便与其他服务提供商进行预约。

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