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June 22, 2022by Admin0
Because boy were the past two years tough….

Hands up if you’ve been feeling blah…..

We don’t blame you because you’re not alone! The pandemic and the whole cases up, cases down situation have caused many of us to feel all sorts of blues. Not being able to see family, not being able to do activities we’ve always loved, not being able to travel! Even not being to do the simple things in life like enjoy our favourite food in our favourite restaurant without feeling some sort of anxiety about the virus…

Which is why we want to claim 2022 as the year for better mental health – because we all deserve it! It’s been hard trying to navigate the new normal for the past two years both in your everyday life and at work. It’s stressful for sure, and lonely for some people as well. And the fact that we don’t know what’s going to happen in 2022 isn’t helpful either.

Plus, mental health affects a lot of everything else – your work, your relationship with other people, even your physical health! Noticed how when you’re stressed at work, you tend to fall sick easily? Or when you’re feeling down about something, how you can’t concentrate at work or have sleepless nights?

So how do you win this year with mental health, especially when who knows what will happen no thanks to new COVID-19 variants and changing SOPs and safety guidelines? Well, we say take little steps. It might not improve your mental health overnight but at the very least, it will make you smile for the moment. And sometimes, that’s all it takes to feel better and more optimistic.

Here are some ideas.

#1 You do you
What does feeling good mean to you? Curling up in bed with a good book? Cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Dancing to loud music or going for a long walk? Whatever it is, find that one thing that makes you happy and allows you to destress. Not everyone shares the same interest so your go-to happy place should be all about you, whatever it is.

#2 Don’t be ashamed to ask for help
Remember Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka? Even if they were at the top of the game, they weren’t afraid to seek help and take a breather to focus on their mental health. They are after all proof that when your mental health isn’t aligned with the rest of you, then there’s no point moving forward at the risk of injuring yourself, whether it is physically or mentally.

So if you feel like you need to stop for a while especially at work, talk to your boss. Explain the situation and tell her exactly what you need. You’d be surprised at what the company can offer you because many companies now realise the importance of mental health for their employees to keep them motivated and engaged. Or maybe you feel the need to unload. Speak to a friend or even a professional (your workplace might even be able to recommend one). Sometimes it helps to just have a different perspective to whatever you’re going through.

#3 Stop and breath
Take a break and do literally that, breath… it can bring you a lot of benefits. For starters, it tricks your brain to switch from a stressful mode to instantly calm down and relax. Also, it’s a good way to take yourself out of a difficult situation so you can come back to it with a clearer and more focused mind.

#4 Make nighttime self-care time
Make sure you log off. Then turn on the aromatherapy diffuser and use your favourite scent (lavender is great to feel instantly relaxed!). Invest in a comfortable pillow that makes you want to sink right into it. Turn on your favourite relaxing music and if you want, use a sheet mask once a week (it’s great, even for guys!). Just relax and let your body and mind be nourished.

#5 Go outside
You’d be surprised at how breathing in fresh air and basking in nature can do your body – and mind – wonders! And it can be something as easy as standing in your garden or backyard for 10 minutes, eyes closed and paying attention to your breathing. Go on, try it and let us know how great it feels!

#6 Find a support buddy
Maybe a colleague or a friend who is going through the same thing and really gets it. Having support is extremely important for mental health and being with someone who understands the situation (instead of venting to a friend who seems to have it all) will help ease the blues a little. Just be careful not to feed off on each other’s negativity! Make it all about comforting each other, and not wallowing together!


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