The Future Of Health
And Wellness

Let healthcare be accessible anytime, anywhere.

The Future Of Health
And Wellness


What is Comepulse ?

Comepulse is a mobile telemedicine platform allowing the
general public to connect with their professional healthcare providers
Download the Comepulse app to get connected right away.
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Book your appointment online to reduce your waiting time in the clinics. Save time, save lives.
Telemedicine uses information and communication technology to provide medical services from a distance. Coming soon.
Wide range of healthcare supplements, tonic and products. Coming soon.
Delivering your prescription to you on the same day. Coming Soon.
Sync our app with your fitness gadgets to track health status. Coming Soon.

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Comepulse providing trusted healthcare services to you.

Popular services by our healthcare service provider


Popular services by our healthcare service provider

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Comepulse pledge to provide 100% board certified healthcare providers to you and your family.

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Video consultation
The service is available for follow-up patients and patients that require a second opinion. Most stable conditions are able to be consulted via Teleconsultation. However, teleconsultation has its own limitation compared to face to face consultation. Please do get further advice from our doctor as you may be required to come to hospital for follow up.
The doctor video conference with A sick person with a cold and sneezing and Ask for symptoms of the disease for Diagnosis. Concept of technology and health, online telehealth with the doctor.
Booking an appointment
Varieties of doctors, traditional medicine practitioner, dentists and therapist available on our platform. We make sure that all healthcare service providers are registered, qualified, and professional. Booking you appointment ahead helps save your waiting time in the clinic, hence reducing the risk of exposure to pathogens.
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Safe and secure
All consultation will be done by the most professional practitioner. We pledge to provide the highest quality of service to you. Makes sure your well-being is taken care of.